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Welcome to my virtual home! I am Yonder the Author of the, WhatI Do Is Taboo Book Series. What I Do Is Taboo is an erotic series of books following journeys of some special characters. Erotic in nature, but also hilarious and exciting, this collection of short stories, inspired by true events, gives my readers insight into a whole new world of fantasy...or is it?

The "What I do is Taboo", book series is my premiere series currently available to the public. The complete series will consist of 7 books. Upon the completion of the What I Do Is Taboo series I will be releasing books which cross genre such as spiritual, motivational books and poems . I've influenced many people which has inspired me to open doors to other aspects of this literary world which I belong. I am proud that I can bring awareness to business, health, relationships, family and god all while adding humor to everyday difficult situations. Amazon Page | Facebook

The Erotica Mystery Series Begins with The Incubus

┬áMeet the Incubus, seductive, strong, and sensual with all the other qualities you’re looking for in a man.

He has it all ladies, and he is willing to please.

He comes to you in a dream; being everything you need him to be. He will have you surrendering, giving in to his every whim, before you know it.

Just be careful.

Your first night with him may literally leave you breathless.

Everyone is left in unbridled fear as bodies of young women are piling up throughout a small Arizona town. Many of the women are left in compromising positions as their bodies are drained of all life.

Mynah Hill is hot on the case and she is resolute to solve it.

The new Black Bird Detective, Mynah is a determined woman and a brilliant detective. With her cleverness and her knack for solving crimes, she has been lauded as one of the greatest Detectives in her small town of Glendale, Arizona.

Will Mynah be able to solve the murder before it’s too late or will she end up with the worst fate? Find out inside.

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