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Bestselling Author of the "What I Do is Taboo" Series

About Yonder


Welcome to my virtual home! I am Yonder the Author of the, WhatI Do Is Taboo Book Series. What I Do Is Taboo is an erotic series of books following journeys of some special characters. Erotic in nature, but also hilarious and exciting, this collection of short stories, inspired by true events, gives my readers insight into a whole new world of fantasy...or is it? I first explored writing after being drawn into the stories written by my favorite authors. Following their lead I began to put my thoughts on paper and released my first piece of work in 2005.

The "What I do is Taboo", book series is my premiere series currently available to the public. The complete series will consist of 7 books. Upon the completion of the What I Do Is Taboo series I will be releasing books which cross genre such as spiritual, motivational books and poems . I've influenced many people which has inspired me to open doors to other aspects of this literary world which I belong. I am proud that I can bring awareness to business, health, relationships, family and god all while adding humor to everyday difficult situations.

Keeping God and family close keeps me grounded and brings him peace and tranquility.